Xbox Exec Leaves Microsoft...For Apple

Contrary to the beliefs of many, job hopping isn't all that atypical for those who get placards and corner offices. Strangely enough, though, it feels as if every bigwig that leaves these days in the consumer electronics realm ends up with a Cupertino, California address. Maybe it's just because Apple's atop the world right now, but either way, a key Xbox executive has decided to pack his things at Microsoft and head south. Figuratively speaking, anyway.

Richard Teversham put in 15 solid years at Microsoft, and he most recently led the company's Xbox business unit in Europe. This week, it was announced that he'll be departing in order to take a job at Apple's European offices, enabling him to finally own an iMac and iPhone without fear of backlash. It's still a bit unclear what he'll be doing at Apple, but early reports suggest that it will be some sort of educational role. Microsoft has already started looking for a replacement, but there's been no public announcement made about the details of that process.

One thing's for sure -- he better hope this Apple gig pans out. Going from Microsoft to Apple is about as traitor-esque as you can get in the employment world. Good luck over there, Mr. Teversham...better stock up on black collarneck shirts and blue jeans!

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