Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel: Perfect For Speed Freaks

Hope you're settled in for a long week of gaming news, because that's going to be dominating the airwaves with E3 ongoing in California. Microsoft, along with Sony and Nintendo, are certainly throwing news out left and right, and one thing that caught our eye in particular was this: a new Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. It's a very interesting take on a very old peripheral: the tried and true gaming wheel. Racers have been looking high and low for great accessories to give them that true-to-life feeling, and while we suspect this one won't be like sitting in the seat of a Ferrari, it's certainly a slick take.

It's 3/4 of a wheel, with the top open and the typical Xbox controls along the top edges of each side. There's a rumble motor inside for vibration feedback (smashing into walls much?), and a duo of triggers beneath each handle. Reportedly, the wheel will go on sale this October for $60, just in time to make your holiday wish list.