Xbox 360 To Get IM

The Inquirer is reporting that the Xbox 360 is about to get a web camera, and that it will be initially used for instant messaging:

"Microsoft will provide the Xbox 360 spring update access to Windows Live Messenger with people able to console themselves by chatting to up to six folk at once while playing games or watching movies. The software will allow people to use existing relationships on Windows Live Messenger. The chat function will work by using either the Xbox 360's virtual keyboard or a USB keyboard connectde (sic) to the console."

While chatting is great, there would seem to be other applications that could make good use of a webcam equipped gaming console with an online focus; Imagine seeing a picture of your foe's face in Halo when you get a kill shot, or seeing somebody's face when a sports game gets close and the clock is ticking, and a personal favorite: the ability to send video taunts after scoring a touchdown.  The possibilities just go on and on...

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