Xbox 360 Getting Facebook, Twitter And 1080p Video Store

The console wars just get hotter and hotter. Sony introduced its PS3 Slim and dropped the entry price, while Nintendo cut its already-popular Wii to $199, so now it's time for Microsoft to throw yet its own wrench into the mix. Starting next week, all Xbox LIVE Gold members will get access to a whole heap of new features--features that'll transform the Xbox 360 into something much more than just a game console.

Starting next week, Facebook, Twitter, and instant on HD video from Zune will be available on Xbox 360 consoles, giving owners even more incentive to hop onto Xbox LIVE. That means that users will be able to update their Facebook status and Tweet right from the Dashboard, but it doesn't look as if updates will be able to float over ongoing games. Even still, the ability to access 1080p movie rentals on demand is a huge boon, but you'll need an HDMI port and an HDCP TV in order to fully take advantage. The update will be available free of charge starting on November 17th.

· Facebook*– Update your status to share what movie, game or entertainment you’re enjoying, connect with friends and view their Facebook stream, status updates and photos on the big screen – all seamlessly integrated and custom-built for Xbox 360. You can even compare your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends lists to see which of your friends are on LIVE.

· Zune – Zune video on Xbox LIVE offers a full fidelity experience with instant on HD in 1080p and 5.1 channel surround sound. No waiting for downloads or buffering, it’s there at the press of a button. You can also share the experience with up to seven friends through voice chat and Avatar integration on the TV screen – it puts a whole new spin on “movie night.”

· Twitter*– Stay in the know by discovering, posting and replying to Tweets right on your Xbox 360. You can even view friend profiles, trends and conversations, or search to see who’s tweeting about your favorite game.

·* – Discover more music and explore endless personalized radio stations with on Xbox 360. Skip, “ban” or “love” tracks to create your perfect mix—we’ve even built in “Gamer Stations” with game-related types of music selected specifically for the gaming community (Available in the U.S. and UK)

In addition to these social features, Xbox LIVE will also be debuting “News and More,” a new section of the “Inside Xbox” channel, transforming Xbox LIVE into a full-fledged media portal. With a regularly-updated stream of content from MSNBC, The New Yorker and Dilbert, “News and More” brings the latest in current events, arts and entertainment right to your fingertips.

All of these features build on the wild success of Netflix on Xbox LIVE, which quickly established Xbox 360 as the most-used living room device for streaming Netflix content to the home1. Only on Xbox 360 can you find the best in movies, music, games and social networking all in one place, tailor-made for the TV and connected to more than 20 million people around the globe.