Xbox 360 Gets A Redesign: Sleeker, And Looking A Lot Like The Xbox One

What's a console maker to do once they introduce their next-gen console? Redesign the outgoing one! It's becoming something of a trend, actually. Sony's PlayStation 3 has been tweaked two or three times, while the Wii Mini hit as the Wii U was taking the spotlight. Now, with the Xbox One making its grand debut, Microsoft is going to redesign the Xbox 360 and keep it alive for a bit longer for those who don't want to splurge on a $500 next-gen machine.

The new 360 actually takes some visual cues from the Xbox One, mostly as it's a more squared device. Xbox 360, which has sold more than 76 million consoles worldwide, will "continue to be a mainstay in the Xbox lineup for years to come," according to Microsoft. The redesigned Xbox 360 is available in the same editions for the same prices as the existing console – $199.99 US estimated retail price (ERP) for the 4 GB console, $299.99 US ERP for the 250 GB edition and $299.99 US ERP for the 4 GB Kinect Bundle. Shipping today to retailers across the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Ireland, the new Xbox 360 will continue to roll out across all Xbox regions over the coming months.

There's no word on whether the "old" design will see a massive price cut as retailers bleed their stock, though.