XBMC Eden Finally Ready for Prime Time

After being development for over a year, XBMC version 11, otherwise known as 'Eden', is finally available to download as a stable release. Eden represents several milestones for the popular open source media player and entertainment hub, including Addon Rollbacks, big improvements to the default Confluence skin, speed increases, a better library, and so much more.

"In addition to our many software improvements, we’ve increased our reach in the realm of hardware support since Dharma was released," the XBMC team said in a blog post. "Eden marks the first in-sync stable release for the Apple TV2, iPad, and other iOS devices. We’ve vastly improved the method by which we handle input, including heavily upgrading JSON-RPC support, making remote control support much, MUCH simpler in Windows, and enabling unique methods of device communication with hardware. And now even AMD devices are supported for GPU video decoding in Linux to some extent, thanks to the inclusion of VAAPI."

One of the many, many changes in XBMC Eden (version 11) is the overhauled Confluence skin.

XBMC Eden includes over 60 new features spread out through the Addons Framework, GUI engine, media playback, and skins, as well as ones that are specific to various platforms like Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. On top of all the new features are several tweaks and improvements, such as better mouse support, an improved touch interface, and so forth.

You can view the full of list of changes in the Release Notes and download the new version here.