WWDC 2011 Tix Being Scalped at eBay

WWDC 2011 sold out in hours. That said, you might expect to see some eBay scalping, and you'd be right.

At the time of this writing, there are 9 auctions for WWDC tickets on eBay. To be clear, the official price for a single ticket was $1,500.

One auction has a bid of $1,100, with a BuyItNow price of $3,900. Ah, but there's free shipping. Another is at $1,725, with a BIN price of $4,599, but once again with free shipping.

Among the others which have bids are ones with bids of $2,125; $3,000; and $3,250.

Before anyone assumes that Apple will step in to halt these auctions, it doesn't appear that will be the case. A number of auctions have completed, including this one for $3,550.

We haven't looked at Craigslist, but it would be interesting to see what's going on there.
Tags:  Apple, eBay, WWDC