Would You Pay $600 for a Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Microsoft has a potentially awesome thing going with its newly unveiled Surface tablet. Could it be an iPad killer? And if not, could Surface reign supreme as the world's second most popular tablet, a rank currently held by Amazon's Kindle Fire device? The success of Surface will depend on a number of factors, one of them being price.

Early rumors suggest the starting price for a Surface tablet could be as high as $600, and that's for a model built around NVIDIA's Tegra 3 platform running Windows RT. For an Ivy Bridge-based Surface, cost of entry will start at around $800, DigiTimes reports.

If true, the majority may find the Surface's price points to be tough to swallow, particularly with Ultrabooks coming down in cost. Ultrabooks are a different category altogether, but they're also somewhat similar (from a portability standpoint) in that they're thin, light, have a keyboard, and in some cases, they also double as tablet PCs.