Wisair Intros UWB-Based Wireless System To Give MacBook Pro Users A Desktop Experience

Wisair is still fighting the good fight, doing their best to extend the reach of single-chip based UWB products in a world that is already enamored by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It's tough for up-and-coming wireless protocols to gain traction when so many standards are already seen as "mainstays," but getting some attention in the OS X space certainly can't hurt.

Announced this week, the Wireless USB DisplayDock Set solution for Mac OS allows Mac loyalists to experience the same wireless joys that have (up until now) been reserved for Windows-based users. The product will be offered by four OEMs by the end of March: Lenexpo (Atlona), Source R&D (Warpia) and Cables Unlimited in the USA and Olidata in Europe.

Naturally, the product will be making its public debut at MacWorld this month, and it will enable MacBook Pro users to easily connect their MacBook to their desktop environment, consisting of a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse, with a single adapter that connects to a USB port on the MacBook. MacBook platforms do not have VGA or DVI connectors, which are the most common connectors in monitors and for a complete desktop environment, Mac users therefore need today to connect at least 4 cables/adapters: (1) a mini-Displayport or mini-DVI to VGA or DVI adapter cable (2) USB cable for the keyboard (3) USB cable for the mouse (4) yet another cable for the audio.

No price has been mentioned, but for MBP users lusting after a desktop experience, we suspect they'll pay just about anything within reason.

Wisair's Wireless USB DisplayDock solution allows Mac users to connect to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, via a single wireless link with a single adapter that connects to a USB port, available in ALL MacBook platforms. Bearing in mind that there are very limited docking solutions for MacBook platforms available today, this solution offers a whole new user experience with plug and play operation and enhanced convenience.

User's Benefits:

  • Convenience – enjoy the MacBook mobility as well as the convenience of a large monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers while at home or at the office.
  • Complete - a single adapter that transfers everything (the video, audio and input devices), wirelessly.
  • Simplicity – does not require any network know-how or network configuration. Install the software once, plug in the MacBook adapter to a USB port available in ALL Mac platforms and go.
  • Performance – no delay for keyboard, mouse or audio and crisp and clear images delivered with fast and reliable Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio and Wireless USB protocol.
  • Security - pre-paired adapters to ensure secure transmissions over a 128 bit encrypted link.

Wireless USB Solutions Key Features:  

  • Point to point wireless connectivity based on reliable UWB radio link.
  • Universal solution for MacBook platforms with an adapter that connects to a single USB port available in ALL Mac platforms, for audio, video, keyboard and mouse.
  • Connectivity from anywhere in the room, with distances of up to 30 ft.
  • Pre-paired adapters for hassle-free, plug and play operation.
  • High speed connectivity that does not load the WiFi network in the office or at home and does not degrade its performance, for simultaneous operation and display of Internet content.
  • Wireless audio and video (up to 1440x1050 screen resolution).
  • Mac Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6) OS support.