Windows XP SP3 Moves Closer

Yes, we realize it's just a roll-up of fixes for the most part, but without the Autopatcher project, we really need a new baseline for system builds.

Around 15,000 testers now have access to XP SP3, and Microsoft says it plans one last public beta release before releasing the final bits next year. The same individuals are testing Vista SP1 RC Preview, although Microsoft has also promised a public SP1 build. Although XP SP3 is more of a roll-up of existing hotfixes and should be completed before Vista's first upgrade, Microsoft will likely delay its release and use SP1 to encourage holdout XP users to upgrade to Vista.

While we know Vista sales haven't been up to par (at least, by Microsoft's standards), delaying XP SP3 just to try to encourage users to upgrade to Vista?  Let's be honest, corporations are what Microsoft really needs to upgrade, and that won't happen, for the most part, without Vista SP1.  So why delay the XP SP3 release?