Latest Windows 10 1903 Update Once Again Breaks The Start Menu, Really?

Microsoft can't seem to get it right over the last year, with Windows Update seemingly break things nearly every time the company sets out to address an issue a past update caused. Case-in-point is the latest Windows 10 KB4524147 cumulative update that shipped on October 3rd, with security fixes and to address the printer issue that the update released previously caused. Unfortunately for some Windows users, the October 3rd update appears to have broken the Start menu. Again...

Microsoft said that the printer issue that  some devices suffered from after the earlier update was fixed in KB4524147 update that released out-of-band on October 3rd. Users are now reporting that the KB4524147 update introduced a bug that causes the Start menu to fail with a message that says "Critical error." Users who have seen the error say that under the "CriticalError" heading, the message says, "Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try and fix it the next time you sign in."

The error popup has a sign out now button on it. One user notes that KB4524147 causes a critical warning popup when the start button is pressed. However, this user notes that after uninstalling the KB4524147 update, normal function returns to the Start menu. Multiple users on reddit have also been able to resolve the Start menu error by uninstalling this particular Windows 10 update. The steps to uninstall the update are:
  • Open Settings
  • Go to Windows Update
  • Go to Update History
  • Click on Uninstall update link
  • Select and uninstall the KB4524147 update
  • Reboot your PC

So far, Microsoft hasn't confirmed the Start menu issue with the update. Microsoft hasn't done well with updates this month, and we aren't even a week in. The Windows 10 1903 update was pushed to address audio issues caused by a past update, but it broke printing for some users. The KB4524147 update was to fix the printing issue and brought with it some security updates, but it now breaks the Start menu for some users. Windows users have to be wondering what the update to fix KB4524147 will break next. Not a good look, Microsoft.