Microsoft Says ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung are Making Windows RT Devices, Reveals More RT Details

As the long-awaited launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT draws closer, more details are emerging; today, Steve Sinofsky of the Building Windows 8 blog delivered several announcements, including which OEMs are making Windows RT devices.

We already knew that ASUS, Toshiba, Acer, and Lenovo were making those ARM SoC-based RT devices, but the post stated that Dell and Samsung are in the game, as well.

Thanks to the post, we also know that Windows RT has reached RTM (released to manufacturing) mark, so OEMs really are busily building machines with the final version of Windows RT in hand.

Pre-release Windows RT PC
Unnamed pre-release Windows RT PC

The post recapped some of the main points previously revealed--that Windows RT and Windows 8 share “significant” code, a single Windows binary for all manufacturer’s ARM processors, thin and light design, long battery life, and that Windows RT software will only be sold pre-installed on Windows RT devices.

Windows RT PCs will feature super low-power standby battery life that lasts for days--from 320 to 409 hours--as well as 8 to 13 hours of juice when playing back HD video. Other features include UI animations at 60fps, 100MHz sampling rates for touch input, NFC integration such as tap-to-share functionality, USB support, WWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth.