Windows Phone 7 RTM = Funeral for iPhone, and Microsoft Holds It

Microsoft really isn't that good at being snarky (witness the Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld ads), but they try. Windows Phone 7 has gone RTM, and thus the company decided it was time for a funeral, not for Windows 6.5 (which might have been appropriate), but for the iPhone.

The procession alone was silly enough, as is probably the thought of Windows Phone 7 killing off iPhone. Of course, we could be wrong. Nah.

For those wondering where Android is in all of this, it's behind the camera lens. The image above, for example, comes via the Flickr photostream of Microsoft employee "Carl J." It's clear he's using a Sprint Evo 4G (Android), based on his photostream.

Still sillier is this image which seems to be advertising the ability to Win Phone Sex. The rather nubile Daisy Duke types aboard don't seem to be Microsoft employee types, although those around the "float" do (indeed, to prevent too much flak from the backlash, we are sure there are at least some Daisy Duke types at Microsoft).

Oh, let's not forget the Thriller dance employees did. See below.