Windows Home Server RC Download & Contest!

Windows Home Server, officially announced earlier this year, is already at the release candidate stage.  The software is designed to allow users with a home network to have a single, quick, and easy to use interface that will allow users to access media from other PCs, NAS boxes, and even Zunes.  The idea is make life easier for families that might have everything from videos to music spread out across multiple machines where it can be confusing to remember where everything is.  That's assuming that the users are even computer savvy enough to know how and where to look.

There's even a contest for people who can create the best hardware and/or software add-ins.  Click here for details.
"Windows Home Server helps families with multiple PCs easily centralize, share and protect their digital pictures, music, documents and videos.  As a development platform, Windows Home Server offers hardware and software developers tremendous opportunities to build innovative solutions."