Windows Explorer in Windows 8 to Come Wrapped in Ribbons

Before we go any further, we feel compelled to remind everyone not to shoot the messenger. Savvy? Great, now onto the news. Alex Simons, Director of Program Management for Microsoft, announced in a blog post that Windows 8 would adopt the Ribbon interface for Windows Explorer. Whoa there Johnny, put down the pitchfork.

The blog post runs through the changes made to Windows Explorer through the years, starting with the MS-DOS Executive in Windows 1.0. In Windows 8, Microsoft hopes the Ribbon interface will accomplish three target goals, including:
  1. Optimize Explorer for file management tasks and expose hidden file management commands already in Explorer that you might now know about.
  2. Create a streamlined command experience that puts the most used commands in the most prominent parts of the UI.
  3. Respect Explorer's heritage by bringing back the most relevant and requested features from the Windows XP era.
As it applies to Windows Explorer in Windows 8, the Home tab will focus on core file management tasks, such as Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut, and Properties. You'll also find a pair of heritage features, Move to and Copy to, and a "hidden gem," Copy path, which comes in handy when pasting a file path into a file dialog or emailing someone a link to a file on a server.

Another motivating factor for introducing the Ribbon interface is that according to Microsoft's data gathering, the top 10 commands represent 81.8 percent of Explorer command use, and there are over 200 commands in Explorer.

Are you stoked about Microsoft implementing the Ribbon interface in Windows 8, or is this a major turnoff?