Windows 9 Screenie Leaks Online, Shows Retooled Start Menu And Metro Apps On Desktop

In dribbles and drips, we’re (allegedly) learning more about the next Microsoft OS, Windows 9Threshold”. The latest bit to leak out is a screenshot that purports to show the new desktop environment, including a remade Start screen.

Windows 9 Start

The screen grab comes from My Digital Life forum user DUF_, and you can see that the Start menu is back in force in Windows 9. In addition to having something resembling the traditional look of the Start menu, Microsoft has also added Metro apps to it, which is a reasonable way of unifying the two environments in a much more sensible way than in Windows 8.1.

Windows 9 Start

Assuming this is a real shot and not an elaborate fake, it’s yet an early version of Windows 9, so don’t assume that this is what the final version will look like. Still, it’s pleasing to see Microsoft pushing to change the things about its OS that users haven’t been particularly fond of.

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