Windows 9 Cometh? September 30th Windows Event In San Francisco Confirmed

There's been a great deal of Windows 9-related news this past week, but now, we have what's sure to be the most interesting: September 30th will be when we get our first real preview of what's coming. According to Re/code, Microsoft will be holding an event in which it wants you to, "Join us to hear about what's next for Windows and the enterprise" - it goes without saying that Windows "Threshold" is on tap.

Windows executives Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore will be heading-up the event, and while DVDs of the current build are likely to be handed out, it's strictly going to be for developer use. We're not quite at the "preview" stage yet, but as things seem to be going swimmingly lately, that can't be too far behind.

On account of the fact that Windows 8 has been worse received than Vista, there's good reason to be excited about Windows 9 - Microsoft is putting in more effort than ever - and actually listening to its customer base - to make sure that it's a worthy successor that rights 8's many wrongs. Plus, let's not ignore the roller-coaster cadence we've had up to this point: Windows 98 (Good), Windows ME (Bad), Windows XP (Good), Windows Vista (Bad), Windows 7 (Good), Windows 8 (eh, I'm not going to go there, since I like the OS), and Windows 9 (Great?).

Late last week, we saw our first real preview of the new Start menu in Windows 9, and for the most part, I'd say that it's quite a good compromise versus not having one at all. It at least ties in with the rest of the OS well, although I do think people should still have the ability to revert to the old-style Start menu should they choose to. On top of that, we also learned that Internet Explorer 12 is going to look like a blend of Firefox and Chrome - a result I'm personally really looking forward to seeing.

With all these enhancements, are you getting excited for Windows 9?