Windows 8.1 Update 1 Rumored To Be Arriving On Mid-March Patch Tuesday

When Microsoft released Windows 8.1, it took care of a number of complaints users had with the launch version, and at the same time added some great improvements we were not anticipating (many of which we tackled in advance of its launch). Well, knowing that there's always room for more improvement, Microsoft is apparently going to take advantage of an upcoming "Patch Tuesday" to not only issue the usual bug fixes, but add new functionality as well.

For starters, users are going to be able to pin a Metro app to the taskbar, which will give super-quick access to said app whenever the user is in the desktop environment. For those on a desktop who do regularly use various apps, this could be a good time-saver. Unfortunately, what this update will not bring is the ability to run Metro apps in a window while in the desktop mode.

A rather major enhancement that Microsoft is issuing with Update 1 is the ability to use the mouse for context purposes while in the Start menu. As it is now, right-clicking the mouse while in the Start screen will rise a menu from the bottom - obviously, this is not the quickest way to get things done on a desktop. With this forthcoming tweak, users will instead see a context menu (much like you would expect in the desktop mode) to take care of quick tasks. Further, we'll finally be able to close a Metro app with the mouse, rather than have to rely on Alt+F4 to close it or mousing to the shortcut. For touchscreen users, current functionality remains intact.

Another "It should have been there since day one" feature is the addition of clear power and search buttons in the Start screen, which will appear next to the username at the top-right corner.

It's being noted that Windows 8.1 Update 1 will not be re-introducing the Start menu that we all know and love, though early speculation states that Windows 9 will take care of that.

Update 1 is anticipated to hit our desktops mid-March, and we hope to learn more about what it brings to the table well before then.