Windows 8.1 Could Allow Users To Boot Direct To Desktop

If there's one thing that'll always get people riled up, it's change. Maybe it's a different season, a different color, or a different coach. If it's changing, you'll get opinions thrown your way that you never even asked for. That's certainly been the case with Windows 8, as Microsoft has changed quite a lot about its desktop OS, and in turn has received quite a lot of feedback.

Overall, a lot of that feedback has been neutral to negative, particularly as it pertains to the home screen. Windows 8 attempted to bridge a divide between phone, tablet and desktop, but in doing so, it introduced a helping of the very thing it sought to reject: compromise. One of the major issues with the boot-up look on Windows 8 is the lack of a Start button. Like it or not, that has become a staple of Microsoft's desktop UI, and expecting billions of people to just ignore the change overnight was probably a mistake.

We've heard rumors that Windows 8.1 (Blue) may bring all sorts of changes to Windows, not the least of which is a significant paid overhaul versus conventional (and free) service packs. Now, in looking at some of the code behind Blue, it appears that there may be an option introduced that brings the Start button back by letting users jump straight into Desktop mode instead of forcing them first into Metro. Going a step further, some are suggesting that the code would allow users to just disable the Metro screen altogether.

Have you been holding back from a Win8 upgrade due to this? Would you be willing to give it a shot if you could keep your existing Start screen?