Windows 8 RTM Leaked to Filed Sharing Sites, Web Feigns Surprise

The world is filled with surprises. Some good, like flipping the light switch and finding a gathering of friends wishing you Happy Birthday, and some up for debate ('Hey Bill, I had fun on our first date last week, though why haven't you called? By the way, I'm pregnant'). The fact that Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) has fallen into the hands of file sharing sites across the Web a day after Microsoft released it is not one of them.

Whether anyone's genuinely shocked or not, Windows 8 in final form is up for grabs for anyone experienced with navigating torrent sites. Reportedly, the leaked version is Windows 8 Enterprise N, where the N denotes that it's intended for European customers. Windows Media Center is not bundled with the leaked the copy.

Windows 8 Desktop

It is, however, an English-language version, albeit a non-booting file that requires the creation of an install disk. There's a chance that the version floating around is a fake, though the opinion of those who have looked at it, is that it's the real deal.

We're on the homestretch of Windows 8's release to the general public, but if you absolutely must go in search of leaked copies, be careful to avoid downloading a fake copy that could be laced with malware.