Windows 8 Finally Getting Traction In Market Adoption

Microsoft’s Windows operating systems have held a relatively consistent market share for the last year--91.67% in October 2012 and 91.19% in August 2013--but there’s been a good bit of shakeup as it pertains to the various versions of Windows.

According to data compiled by NetMarketShare, Windows 8 has climbed to 7.41% market share, up from 0.41% less than a year ago and from 5.4% just last month. For comparison, Vista has dropped to 4.11%; Windows 8 surpassed it this summer.

NetMarketshare Windows OS 2013

Windows 7 has held relatively firm, creeping up slightly from 44.69% to 45.63% from October to August. Windows XP is winding down; it’s dropped to 33.66% market share. Less than a year ago, it was at 40%.

To put it succinctly, Windows 8 is the only Windows operating system that has significantly gained market share in the last year. Windows 7 is holding steady, and Vista and XP are dropping. Thus, Windows 8 is getting some traction. It’s been rather slow-going, but we’re finally starting to see some significant adoption.

NetMarketShare Windows OS 2013
Source: NetMarketShare

It’s likely that the spike has to do in part with the release of the Windows 8.1 preview this summer as well as a slew of back-to-school PC purchases in August, so it’s hard to tell if this sudden increase in market share is a mirage or something more permanent. Of course, the holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s likely that, at least for the next several months, Windows 8 market share will continue to ascend.