Windows 8 Experiment Leaves Regular Folks Dazed and Confused

Microsoft's big gamble with Windows 8 is that the masses are going to accept a unified interface that's heavily invested in touch computing. The idea is that the experience on your tablet should be the same as it is on your Windows Phone, your laptop or Ultrabook, your all-in-one system, your traditional desktop, and so forth. But is the world ready for Metro the modern UI found in Windows 8?

Super geek Chris Pirillo took to the streets with camera and microphone in hand to record the reaction of everyday folk experiencing Windows 8 for the very first time. You might recall he did something similar with his dad, as he taped him stumbling through Windows 8. Here's a refresher:

His dad didn't fare too well, but what about seemingly random people, or "normal people" as Pirillo labels his video participants? What do they think about Windows 8? Let's have a look:

Pirillo states at the beginning of the video that the "advancement of technology should herald with it ease of use," but as he discovers, Windows 8 doesn't appear to fit the bill. The people he filmed had trouble doing simple tasks, such as shutting down the PC, and several likened the interface to that of a phone, only they didn't sound as excited about it as Microsoft presumably is. Confusion and frustration ruled the day.

"There's going to be a lot of retraining, people are gonna look for things that are familiar. At least the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7 wasn't as drastic as this," one woman exclaims, who says she's been through several flavors of Windows dating back to Windows 3.1

On the other side of the equation, our own uber geek Marco Chiappetta demonstrates how Windows 8 can be leveraged to perform certain tasks quickly and easily, once you're accustomed to the interface.

Have you had a chance to play with Windows 8 yet? If so, what's your impression of it?