Windows 7 Runs On Apple's iPad! Thanks To A VNC Client...

Oh my! Could it be? Is it a dream? Is it still April 1st? The video shown here, just a day after Apple's iPad went on sale to throngs of consumers around the U.S., clearly shows a copy of Windows 7 running on a machine that was designed to run only on iPhone OS. Is it a fake? Amazingly it's not, but it's probably not the hack you were hoping for.

What you see here is a VNC client that's connected to a nearby MacBook, which enables the iPad to emulate Windows 7. The good news is that this requires little to no hacking expertise in order to get it working, but the bad news is that it's not a native operating system installation, so it won't work by itself with a MacBook alongside of it.

That said, we're still pretty impressed with the performance here! Look at Firefox load it--it's pretty quick. Apple's 1GHz A4 CPU holds a lot of promise, and while it seems to be underutilized with the existing version of iPhone OS, something like this seems a little more "its style." Press the play button to have a look at just how nice Windows 7 looks on an iPad, and if you get the chance to actually hack it onto one, we think you'd be pleasantly surprised with the results.