Windows 7 Adds A Little Bit Of Personality

Just in case you haven't heard, the Windows 7 Release Candidate is scheduled to hit on Tuesday, May 5. In addition to numerous bug fixes and usability tweaks since the original public beta, Microsoft has also incorporated a number of personalization options. In a note on the Windows Engineering blog, MS had this to say...

"One of the most exciting parts of engineering Windows 7 has been the wide variety of work that gets done over the course of a full product cycle. As evidenced by the variety of topics just in this blog, one can see that we are hard at work at all levels of the product. For fun, we thought folks might enjoy hearing some of the story behind the new personalization work in Windows 7.

As some folks have noticed, we are unveiling some new personalization content (wallpapers, glass colors and sounds schemes) in the RC build which allows people greater flexibility to personalize their experience. One thing we know is that Windows users love to express themselves by changing the desktop background and like many past releases, Windows 7 includes content in the box that allows you to begin customizing your experience immediately.

In developing the personalization features, we knew that we wanted great content for people to express their personal style. Because the desktop background is such a vibrant surface, we wanted to focus on providing quality content that demonstrated how creative people could be with this feature. When folks send us screenshots using the feedback button, we are regularly inspired by the rich diversity and personality of the wallpapers that people choose."

There's lots of interesting stuff to see. Definitely more than earlier versions of Windows, and more imagery suited to different parts of the world. Some of it is rather eclectic to put it mildly, but were' sure some of you will find a few of the more funky images interesting.

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