Windows 11 Is Getting A Better Start Menu And A Key Change To Multi-Monitor PCs

Windows 11
Slowly but surely, Microsoft is making improvements to Windows 11 as it continues to welcome more users into the fold. Not all of the changes are available yet, but there is definitely work going on behind the scenes. These can be seen in the Windows Insider program, where the latest build in the Dev channel (build 22509) offers up some welcome tweaks, including one for multi-monitor setups.

As things stand, if you're using multiple monitors and running Window 11, you will only see the clock and date on the taskbar of your primary display. That's not always convenient. Fortunately, it's being addressed in a future update, and is one of the changes being tested in the latest build—build 22509 shows the clock and date on both monitors.

That said, not every Windows Insider who downloads build 22509 will see the change. Microsoft said it is just now beginning to roll out the tweak and will monitor feedback before pushing it out to everyone.

Windows 11 Start MenuClick to Enlarge

Microsoft is also polishing up the Start menu. The latest test build gives users more control over the layout, and specifically whether to show more pins or more recommendations. This is done by right-clicking on Start and then selecting either the "More pins" or "More recommendations" layout, to display an extra row of either one. Or users can keep the default configuration.

There are a few other changes, too.

"For apps that send notifications for calls, reminders, or alarms that leverage Windows notifications in the OS, 3 high priority notifications will now be shown as stacked and shown at the same time. This means at any given time, you might see up to 4 notifications at the same time—3 high priority notifications and one normal priority notification," Microsoft explains.

This is another feature that is being rolled out gradually to allow Microsoft to field feedback before making it more widely available.

Microsoft also made a handful of changes to Windows 11's networking settings, it tweaked airplane mode to remember if users turned on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and issued nearly two dozen bug fixes in the latest Dev channel preview build.