Windows 10 Redstone Anniversary Update To Double Number Of Start Menu Recommended App Ads

Windows10 Redstone
If you enjoy seeing recommended apps in your Windows 10 Start menu, then you're going to love the fact that the upcoming Redstone update doubles the number you'll be able to see. Who knew Windows 10 could get even better?

Alright, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but considering the fact that it is happening, it does make us wonder what Microsoft is actually thinking. As it stands today, if you open your Start menu in Windows 10, a couple of recommended apps might appear. The goal is obvious: to lead user to the Windows Store to download an app or two. Ultimately, Microsoft hopes that you may eventually find your way towards paid software, for which it'd get a cut.

Microsoft Redstone Start Menu Ads

In the current iteration, Windows can show up to 5 recommended apps at a time; with Redstone (or 'Anniversary Update' as it's appropriately called), that number doubles to 10. Microsoft's excuse revolves entirely about cluing consumers into clicking one and gaining more from the Windows Store, and it's hard to debate that even if it does eventually earn the company money.

Fortunately, even right now people can disable these recommended apps, and that won't change with Redstone. If you never want to see these apps, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Start and then deselect the option for "Occasionally show suggestions in Start."

As we covered a few months ago, the first Redstone update should be dropping at some point next month. A second, more substantial update will drop in roughly a year from now.