Windows 10 Powers More Than A Quarter Of Gaming PCs Running Steam

Like a supercharged V8 muscle car built in Detroit or a souped up import with a flashy paint job and NAS, Windows 10 came out of the gate fast and furious, racing its way to over a 110 million devices. Valve's latest Steam Survey data suggests that a decent chunk of those installs are gaming PCs.

Looking at the data for October, 26.63 percent of Steam users are running Windows 10 64-bit and another 1.01 percent are running Windows 10 32-bit. That adds up to 27.64 percent, or more than a quarter of all PCs accessing the most popular gaming platform in the world. That's a trend Microsoft should take note of.


Windows 7 still sits comfortably on top with over 44 percent of Steam users running the two generation old OS, though it's on the decline, having dropped 1.57 percentage points since September.

This isn't all that surprising. Gamers tend to be on the cutting edge, so it makes sense that they'd be among the first to make the jump to Windows 10. There's also the allure of DirectX 12, which is only supported in Windows 10 (and Xbox One). The promise of DX12 is that of improved performance by offering developers deeper access to hardware resources.