Windows 10 On Track To Launch “Early Next Fall”

Fall of 2015 is shaping up to be the likely release date for the next version of Windows. Microsoft COO Kevin Turner recently suggested next summer or fall as the likely launch time, but then seemed to clarify that Windows will launch in autumn while speaking with Japanese reporters this week.

Windows 10 should offer a better more refined experience than Windows 8

Microsoft never announced a target date, so it isn’t technically delaying the launch of Windows 10, but many people have been hoping that the OS would arrive sooner than late 2015. “That is too late,” Windows expert Paul Thurrott said in a tweet today. “Try to hit back-to-school once this century, please.”

With Windows 8, Microsoft attempted to give users an OS that was as easy to use on a tablet with one’s fingers as on a desktop with a mouse. It missed the mark for many users, who resented losing the Start button and found the tiles be unnecessarily large buttons for someone using a mouse. Microsoft spent years after the launch of Windows 8 developing Windows 10, which is expected to make for a better experience on all devices.

Windows 10 is already available as a technical preview, so check out our take on how the OS is coming along.