Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 Brings Refreshed Photos App, One-Handed Mode

If you’re part of the Windows Insider Program, you received an update last night for build 10536 of the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview. The updated version sports several new fixes and features, including an updated Photos app.

“This update introduces a folder view that makes it easy for you to see your OneDrive and PC folders in the Photos app,” said Microsoft’s Gabe Aul in a blog post. “On your phone, you can also see folders on your SD card.”

Windows 10 Mobile photo folders Windows 10 Mobile slide down

There’s a known issue in which settings you adjusted previously may hinder uploading to OneDrive. Open the navigation menu and check your settings to make sure camera upload is on. You’ll also want to make sure the Photos app is 17.2, the most recent version.

You may also notice that photo viewing is faster. Zoom and panning speeds have been increased. (Updates to Windows 10 for PCs regarding the Photos app are on the way, but for the moment, it’s just the Mobile build that has the new features.)

Microsoft also brings one-handed mode to all phones with this update, meaning that you can press and hold the Start button to have on-screen buttons slide down to where you can easily reach them with your thumb.

photos win 10
Photos App, Windows 10

There are some known issues, but the most noteworthy is that Lumia phones lose some camera features, including DNG files and 41MP capture, when Windows 10 is installed. You can reset your phone to Windows Phone 8.1 or wait for the Lumia camera app to appear in the Store.  

Interestingly, if you’re upgrading from Build 10512, you’re in for two updates. First you’ll see Builds 10514 and 10536.1000. Install those, and then you can jump to Build 10536, which is the latest version.

windows mobile update

Aul also apologized for what he says has been a delay in getting the most recent build out to Insiders. He explained the delay in a blog post last week. In any event, it looks like things are back on track and Windows 10 Mobile is chugging along.