Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16237 Brings Fixes For High DPI Scaling

Things are progressing nicely with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which has now progressed to Insider Preview Build 16237. There aren’t any major additions to this newest build of the Fall Creators Update, but there are plenty of changes along the way in this build.

Microsoft has updated the Edge browser to include “read out loud” support. Read out loud is enabled for both websites and PDFs that feature word and line highlighting. There are also some other minor tweaks to Microsoft Edge, including its Share UI which will not match your current browser design theme and a new animation when adding a favorite.

windows 10 fall creators update 1

In a move that is no doubt music to the ears of those that have been inconvenienced by the appearance of blurry desktops apps (which required you to log out, and then back in), Microsoft has updated high DPI scaling:

In this flight we’ve changed the way that Windows provides DPI-related information to these applications such that each time one of these applications starts, they’ll get updated data from Windows. This means that for these applications, you simply re-launch them in order for them to render correctly if they’re blurry. While this isn’t what we all want: having these applications render crisply all the time, we feel that it’s a lot less painful to relaunch apps instead of having to close out of all apps and going through a log-out/log-in cycles.

For the gamers out there (that probably includes all of us here), the Game Mode icon has been updated, and Microsoft has made improvements to the GPU resource tracker in Task Manager. The UI for the interface has been enhanced to include the location of your GPUs and your current DirectX version.

windows 10 fall creators update 2

Other changes sprinkled throughout include updates to Hyper-V, My People, the Emoji Panel, and a wealth enhancements to the touch keyboard.

Microsoft also announced that it is doing another Bug Bash for the Fall Creators Update, and the festivities will kick off on July 14th and end on July 23rd. Bug bashes give Microsoft direct feedback on a specific journey to complete a task within Windows 10, which can be helpful in improving future builds. Users are also encouraged to thoroughly test out Windows 10 and report any bug (no matter how small) that they might encounter in during their daily workflow.