Windows 10 Redstone 5 Now Uses AI To Stop Updates When You Are Working

One of the most annoying things about Windows 10 is that it often decides to apply updates right when you are in the middle of working. This is typically halfway through a long document or during meeting. A new Windows 10 Redstone 5 build that Microsoft has released to some Insiders dubbed 19H1 has new tech to avoid this issue.

windows 10

The Windows 10 now has changes specifically to the update system that takes advantage of new cloud-based logic. The goal of this cloud-based logic is to avoid unexpected updates when you are trying to work. The tech uses a predictive model that aims to improve over time to better understand when the user will be using their device.

The goal is to make sure Windows isn't messing up your work schedule to install an update at a time when you are normally using your machine. Microsoft claims that the update offers "promising results" internally. The cloud-based system uses deep learning to improve as new data is introduced, which allows reliability to improve over time and for the system to learn each user's specific habits.

This upgrade to the update system will ship with the next major release of Windows 10, which is currently expected to land in October. Microsoft has tried to address this issue in the past with varying success. Active Hours was specifically enacted to help prevent updates from being applied when you need to be working.