Latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build Sends Some Users To Reboot Loop Hell

Windows 10

Those of you rocking a PC with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update may want to hold off on letting your system apply the latest round of fixes. There are several user complaints that Build 14393.222 (KB3194496), the seventh Cumulative Update since the Anniversary started flooding PCs in August, is borking systems by putting them into an endless reboot loop.

The latest update package is supposed to deliver "quality improvements" in the form of several bug fixes for various issues, as well as improve the reliability of certain tasks, such as downloading and updating games from the Windows Store. Unfortunately, in many cases the installation fails somewhere along the way and rolls back the changes it made, as indicated by complaints posted to Microsoft's support forums and Twitter. It also happened to me when I tried installing the update on my primary desktop.

Others have run into bigger headaches. In some instances, the failure causes Windows to repeatedly reboot as it tries in vain to apply all the fixes. It's a frustrating thing, and what's worse is that users subscribed to Microsoft's Windows Insider program reported this very issue during the testing phase.

Windows Failed Update

"My Release Preview version was 14393.187 and has reverted back to the 14393.187 each time. It seems everyone is having the new Update down load problems. The 3 times it failed for me the download showed 100 percent complete, then Preparing to Install finished. The Configure made it to 30 percent and then rebooted then Configure went to 100 percent then a message that could not complete the update and then Undoing Install. Each time was exactly the same failure," a Windows Insider reported on Microsoft's support forum.

"Same problem here on over a dozen machines. Now can't switch rings either because failed update preempts newer builds. Terrible situation...," another Windows Insider complained.

The good news here is that Microsoft is aware of the issue and believes it found the culprit. It's currently working on a fix, though no time frame has been given. Until then, Microsoft says to give up on trying to install the update if you're having trouble with it.

"For your affected machines, there's no need to keep attempting the install. It'll keep failing. In the meantime, hold tight! We're all over this and will keep sharing information along the way," Microsoft said.