Windows + OLPC? You Betchya!

Microsoft has decided that the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) deal is just too big to not develop a custom version of their Windows OS for.  Currently the OLPC laptops are Linux powered, and its a safe bet that Microsoft isn't exactly thrilled about that.  This move by the Redmond giant also fits in well with their effort to attract legal sales in developing and third world nations.

“Microsoft's plans mark a step closer by the software company to a project initially billed as an alternative to computers based on Microsoft's technology. Mr. Negroponte had originally envisioned his One Laptop Per Child project to populate the world with $100 computers that ran Linux software, a rival to Microsoft's Windows.”

Microsoft expects to field test a new version of Windows in 2008 and we're curious just what an OLPC version of Windows will feature, and what will be cut in order to meet the modest storage capacity.
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