Will There Be a White iPad 2?

Fancy yourself a riddle? Great, answer this one for us: If Apple's apparently having trouble releasing a white iPhone 4, which it doesn't seem in any rush to do, why then should we expect a white version of the iPad 2? Because we've seen pictures, of course.

Actually, it's more than just photos. Apple news and fan site 9to5Mac.com claims to have received a white iPad 2 bezel/digitizer from the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop, which in turn claims it came from Shenzhen City. It certainly looks legit, right down to the little camera hole that purportedly lines up perfectly with iPad 2 screen protectors, and offering a white version sure would detract from pessimists who point out that the next-gen iPad is really just a minor refresh of the original.

In any event, we should know soon enough. Apple is reportedly planning a press event on March 2nd, in which many believe is when the Cupertino outfit will officially announce the new tablet.
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