Will Guys Pick the "Gadget or the Girl?"

This actually sounds like something designed for the CW show Beauty and the Geek." In this new Playboy TV series, Gadget or the Girl, a guy will be forced to choose between a hot weekend getaway with the girl of his choice, or a mystery gadget.

The episode starts with the guy forced to choose immediately between three women, ditching one. The remaining three go on a date to get to know each other, and eventually he narrows his choice down to one woman. But then he has to decide between a gadget and the girl, with the possibly high-tech toys ranging from a 60" plasma TV to an arcade game machine.

In what sounds like Let's Make a Deal, though, the guy doesn't know what the gadget is until he makes his pick. And, to give the girl more incentive, if he picks her, she gets her own (previously undisclosed) gadget.

The show will be hosted by 25-year-old Iliza Shlesinger, who just won the 6th season of NBC's Last Comic Standing (above). Gadget or the Girl debuts Monday, September 1st at 7:30pm E.T.
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