Wii Price Cut Sparks Second Generation Wii Console Rumors

The rumor mill is buzzing with chatter about Nintendo's Wii console and whether a second generation device is on the horizon. It all started last month when Nintendo America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, made it pretty clear that the successor to the Wii would not adopt 3D, leading some to wonder if Nintendo was working on a new console.

Things heated up recently when word broke that Nintendo was prepping a $50 price cut for the Wii next month, bringing the cost of ownership down from $199 to $149. Maybe Nintendo was mulling a price cut in order to regain an advantage over the HDD-less 4GB Xbox 360, which also sells for $199, or perhaps this meant that vendors were looking to clear inventory for a Wii 2 console this summer, as had been rumored.

Yanko Desgn's conception of a Wii 2 console with mind control.

This was all speculation, that is until Toys R Us and Best Buy slashed the price of the Wii by $30. That's not quite the $50 price cut rumored to take place next month, but it does bring the console down to $170, making it once again the most affordable of all the current generation consoles. But more importantly, this could be a sign that a new console is in the works and might just launch this summer as some have speculated.

Nintendo hasn't gone on record saying that a Wii 2 release is imminent, but if it does come out, we hope to see some much needed upgrades like Full HD support, HDD-based storage, and online support that goes above and beyond what's offered with the original Wii.