Wii Fit Dated for Q2

The Wii Fit has already hit one million in sales in Japan, but those of us here in the States lucky enough to have a Nintendo Wii who want a new way to lose some weight have been left out.  Well, Nintendo has detailed a "partial" list of upcoming Wii and DS games through the first of half of 2008, and Wii Fit is on the list - though not nailed down to a specific month or date.

Perhaps a sign that America is finally getting its obesity scare under control, Nintendo has cautiously scheduled Wii Fit for a Q2 2008 release. Despite last week's rumor, today's announcement is the first official word from Nintendo that its latest balancing act is being prepped for the US.

Q2 will give Nintendo time to address the only weak point for this in the U.S. - its 300 pound weight limit for the board. That's not gonna to fly for some in the obese U.S.

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