Wi-Fi Test Breaks Record With Amazing Range Of Over 1.8 Miles, Watch It In Action

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An Australian-based wireless technology company has possibly set a new Wi-Fi transmission record of 1.8 miles while maintaining sufficient throughput for a video call. What's impressive besides the range is that this demonstration was done in a real world interference-laden setting and what this could mean for consumer products.

In a recent video, Wi-Fi innovation company Morse Micro showed off its groundbreaking development in the Wi-Fi HaLow (i.e. 802.11ah) protocol space. Company employees showed off how Wi-Fi HaLow transmission could conduct a video call over a distance of 1.8 miles (3 kilometers). Yes, they're standing pretty much in a straight line on a beach in California, but the setting can be brutal even for short-range Wi-Fi signals, such as buildings, vehicles, and open water (which is a strong reflector/refractor of Wi-Fi waves). 

The video shows connection speeds ranging from 17 Mbps (megabits per second) at 250 meters, 8 Mbps at 1 kilometer, and finally averaging 1 Mbps at 3 kilometers. All of this makes Morse Micro's demo all the more impressive, especially when we start seeing how the technology can be scaled for home or enterprise usages. While Wi-Fi HaLow has been around since 2016, the company has apparently been tooling away in the background refining the tech (and even collaborating with Abode Systems to launch the Abode Edge Camera at CES this year).

abode edge camera social
Morse Micro and Abode's Edge Camera

Long-range Wi-Fi protocols like HaLow were meant more for connecting backend IoT devices like security systems or public access Wi-Fi routers rather than high-speed media throughput. Nonethless, this extreme test shows off HaLow's versatility and potential, particularly with Morse Micro's own Wi-Fi-certified MM6108 production silicon. For example, with products like the Edge Camera promising up to 1.5 miles range, users can confidently install their camera further away from the router and surveil wider distances. 

Check out Morse Micro's website for more information on their HaLow work, or Abode's $200 security camera coming in the first quarter of 2024.