Why 2024 Could Be A Huge Year For Apple Beyond Launching New iPhones

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The iPhone is by far Apple’s most popular product, but the Cupertino giant will look to make 2024 a banner year for other devices, too. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company is going to focus on AirPods, Apple Vision Pro, and Apple Watch. Meanwhile, the iPhone will remain mostly the same as the prior year’s model and only receive some minor tweaks.

While AirPods are a popular product, the 3rd generation is struggling to find success, says Gurman. He notes that the lineup can be confusing for prospective customers, who end up opting to buy the least expensive AirPods or can even end up choosing one of a competitor’s offerings instead. Apple is aiming to fix this by redesigning the cases and adding USB-C.

The feature that looks to stand out the most will be the addition of hearing aid functionality. If Apple can deliver these features competently it will be a big deal for its customers with hearing impairments. It might also mean that other companies operating in this space will push to deliver better products knowing Apple is now a competitor, leading to a better experience for everyone who needs these devices.

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Apple Watch is also going to get more attention in 2024. Gurman expects the device to receive two new significant features that focus on users’ health, with the newest models being able to detect and warn of hypertension or sleep apnea. Apple is hoping that these new features will move the needle with buyers, as incremental upgrades to the processor and display are not enough to entice new purchases or upgrades.

Last, but certainly not least, is Apple Vision Pro. This is Apple’s attempt to get into the VR and AR market and could prove to be a key part of Apple’s future. Gurman says the company is working on getting retail employees ready for the launch by offering training on how to use and sell the headset.

The most compelling part of Apple’s 2024 lineup will be its new headset. It will be interesting to see if Apple will be able to provide that killer app that can wow users and get everyone else excited about the future.