Here's Where To Dance In Fortnite To Complete Travis Scott's Astronomical Challenge

fortnite travis scott

Fortnite gamers can obtain a free, exclusive loading screen this week by taking part in a new Astronomical Challenge. Like most Fortnite challenges, these are only available for a limited time, and one of the challenges is to dance for 10 seconds on the dance floor at The Yacht or Apres Ski.

This particular challenge is easy to complete, as long as you know where to find the dance floors. The easiest one to find is at the yacht and has been in the same place since the beginning of Season 2. This is the same yacht that Deadpool has taken over since week 7. Once at the yacht, there are three floors, and the dance floor is in the middle deck where the Midas statue is located. The image below shows what the dance floor looks like. All the player has to do is dance for at least 10 seconds, without getting killed of course.

yacht dance

The other location is more difficult to find because Apres Ski isn't marked on the map. It's located on a hill southwest of Misty Meadows. Once players find Apres Ski and enter the building, the dance floor is in the right corner of the building. Since the yacht is easiest of the locations to find, Apres may be less crowded.


As for the reward that fans get from the challenge, it's nothing for your character wear to on-screen like a skin or weapon wrap. Rather, players get an Astrothunder loading screen. A new loading screen isn't as desirable as skin like the X-Force Deadpool skin, but the aforementioned Travis Scott skin will be unlocked by showing up at one of the in-game Travis Scott concerts. The full-scale Travis Scott event will take place April 23 through April 25.