WhatsApp Rejected $10 Billion Bid From Google

Just days before Facebook acquired cross-platform mobile messaging service WhatsApp for a package totaling $19 billion, Google made a lesser bid for the company. According to both CNN Money and The Information, Google offered WhatsApp an acquisition deal worth $10 billion.

Of further note, The Information also said that Google had actually previously approached WhatsApp with a financial offer of some kind just for the right to be notified if and when WhatsApp ever considered acquisitions from other companies--an offer worth millions that WhatsApp turned down.


Eleven days later, according to the site’s source, WhatsApp and Facebook announced their blockbuster deal.

It’s worth noting that Google’s $10 billion offer did not include a seat on its board, which may have influenced the WhatsApp leadership to take the more lucrative (both financially and in terms of power) deal from Facebook.

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