What The Halo Should I Buy?

Nintendo and Sony will have their hardware on shelves in a week or so. X-Box has had a year's running start. The safe bet is nearly no one is going to purchase all three of the major gaming consoles. Too much dough. So which box is your box?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has enjoyed an entire year all to itself in the war for gaming supremacy. But on Friday, Sony's hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 finally debuts in the United States. Two days later, Nintendo launches its Wii gaming platform. The stakes have never been higher in the struggle for your entertainment dollars. Sony and Microsoft have each invested billions of dollars to craft the most powerful game players the world has ever seen. To recoup those costs, they've got to outsell the other guy -- which only one of them can do.

Wii toy, Halo hangar, or Gran Turismo gizmo? Wired reports, you decide.

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