What New Features are Coming to the iPad 2?

It might seem a little premature to discuss Apple's second generation iPad when the first-run tablet is one of only a very small handful of slates in existence, but if the Cupertino outfit sticks to its normal product refresh cycle, it will only be another five months before the iPad 2 hits store shelves. So what does Steve Jobs and Co. have planned for Apple's next tablet?

According to Chinese-language Economy Daily News (EDN), you can expect five new features in the iPad 2, including:
  1. Video phone
  2. Better mobility
  3. USB port
  4. New display technology
  5. 3-axis gyroscopes

Given that the iPhone and iPod touch both support FaceTime, that one's almost a given, which means the iPad 2 will ship with at least one built-in camera. The rest we're not so sure about, but according to EDN, expect the next iPad to sport Apple's Retina Display technology, possibly in a smaller size panel with thinner glass. As for the 3-axis gyroscope, that should help with gaming chores, an area we expect to receive quite a bit of attention in the emerging tablet wars.
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