Western Digital's iOS/Android App Enables Smartphone-To-HDTV Transfers

Convergence is the word, and it's happening more and more each day. Western Digital has just launched their Photo View App, which pushes HD videos from iOS and Android devices wirelessly to the company's WD TV Live Hub for playback on one's HDTV. It's a new smartphone-to-HDTV video sharing feature, and so long as you have your phone around in your living room, you can get content onto your television. Pretty slick!

It's an updated version of the app, and it makes the WD TV Live Hub even more attractive. If you own both a Hub and an iOS/Android device, there's no reason to skip the update. Consumers can create content with their iOS or Android device and send it directly to anyone with a WD TV Live Hub media center, and the company's calling it ideal for business travelers who want to keep in touch with their family and share their adventures in a fun and creative way. In addition, WD Photos photo viewer app allows consumers to remotely access content stored on their WD TV Live Hub media center or My Book Live( network drive from their portable device, anywhere in the world. And, if a user's portable device is lost or misplaced, the content still resides safely within the home.

Users must own a WD TV Live Hub media center and register with WD®s free, remote access service to use the WD Photos photo viewer app. Android devices must have OS 2.1 or higher and iPhones or iPod touches must have OS 3.1 or later.