Western Digital Unveils WD Xe 3.5-inch SAS Legacy Datacenter Storage Drive Solution

Western Digital announced a new solution for legacy datacenter storage with the WD Xe, which consists of a 2.5-inch SAs hard drive mounted in a 3.5-inch WD “performance adapter”. The package is designed to offer low power consumption coupled with high performance for datacenters that need a way to migrate from 3.5-inch drive based systems without ditching their existing chassis.

The 10,000 RPM SAS drives feature 6Gbps tranfser rates with sequential data rates of 204MBps with up to 50% higher capacity and 67% less power consumption of other 3.5-inch (15,000 RPM) solutions. The solution also offers easy upgradability, dual-port full duplex connectivity, and NoTouch ramp load technology.


Available capacities range from 300GB to 900GB, and prices range from $229.99 to $599.99, which includes a 5-year limited warranty.