Weeks Ahead Of Galaxy S6 Launch, Samsung Mobile Marketing Chief Resigns

With the expected unveiling of its Galaxy S6 less than a month away, Samsung is experiencing an unexpected shakeup up its smartphone marketing department. Kim Seok-pil, who headed up strategic marketing, stepped down from the position today. The smartphone manufacturer turned to its business in Russia for Kim’s replacement: Lee Sang-chul.

Samsung's marketing head has resigned, likely for health reasons rather than performance.
Samsung at Showstoppers during CES 2015.

Given Samsung’s 64-percent slide in profits for its mobile business, it’s reasonable to wonder whether performance played a role in Kim’s departure. But a report from Reuters suggests that the executive stepped down strictly due to health concerns. Samsung has already axed three executives and is attempting to turn around its mobile sales woes by trimming its offerings in that market.

Samsung needs a successful Galaxy S6 launch

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 sales were disappointing, putting that much more pressure on Samsung to turn things around with the Galaxy S6. With Apple’s sales going through the roof, it’s safe to say that the launch of the Galaxy S6 is a critical one for Samsung.