webOS Rides Again, Wants You to Join the Posse

HP promised to open source webOS, its onetime mobile operating system, and the company has indeed been making good on that promise, with the fully open platform available in August. Of course, the looming question for any technology that gets turned loose into the open source universe is whether or not anyone will actually care enough to invest the necessary resources to give it new life.

For webOS, that someone is a group called Phoenix International Communications. A gaggle of webOS lovers that met through the forums on webOS Nation, PIC sees great things in the platform and plans to continue developing the OS where HP left off. They’re also looking for some help, for everything from developing to advertising.

Phoenix International Communications' logo

After a bump from webOS Nation, PIC announced that it suddenly has volunteer help pouring in from all over the world, a must if there is to be any meaningful progress made.

Why does it matter than a few fans of a discarded mobile platform are working to keep it alive? HP hasn’t slammed the door on using webOS in the future; although it doesn’t seem to be much of a priority for the company, if these Phoenix folks do it right, webOS could be welcomed back into the fold (and the PIC team would find likely find themselves with nice new jobs).

If that happens, there’s a chance webOS could someday provide a bit of competition for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone juggernauts. Considering the current state of RIM and the dwindling Symbian OS, a little more competition in the mobile platform department would be a good thing.