web1.2 Released; Includes Paid Apps Support

Sure, it was leaked a couple of weeks ago, so we knew to some extent what was coming, but it wasn't until Monday that webOS 1.2 was officially released.

The big news is (finally) support for paid apps in the App Catalog, but besides that, Palm notes a bunch of new features (and doesn't tell us about all the bugs they fixed):
  • Filter emails in the current folder just by typing a search term.
  • Download files in the browser.
  • Amazon MP3 Store can now download songs from either WiFi or WAN.
  • Tap a phone number in a calendar note to dial it
  • Pause a podcast and, by default, you’ll pick up where you left off when you unpause.
  • Web pages and emails are now cut-and-paste-able.
What's missing: still no video recording, and sorry, iTunes fans, that's still broken. At least for now, iTunes 9.0.1 still can't sync with the Pre.