Web Scum May Exploit Virginia Tech Tragedy

The shooting at Virginia Tech is big news, and it's certainly bad enough without the pond scum of the net impersonating charities and swindling you out of your hard earned cash. Information week is running a story that warns users to steer clear of any such emails or other online solicitations:
"Security researchers are warning people to be watchful for phishing scams and malware attacks that take advantage of this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech.
U.S.-CERT issued a warning that users and IT managers should be aware that new phishing campaigns generally are launched in the wake of tragedies and natural disasters. Researchers at the government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team advised users to remain cautious when receiving unsolicited e-mail that could be a potential phishing attempt."
Be wary of scum who will prey on your kind nature. It's perhaps the most valuable resource any society can have, and abusing it in such a manner should be a serious felony.