Web OS Aims to Mimic Windows

It's an interesting concept; an online desktop, that sort of mimics windows - or really any desktop-based OS, in Ajax.  It even connects to your Gmail account (assuming you have Gmail) to allow storage of documents and files there.

A web applications company is hoping to legitimize the web operating system concept with the release of ajaxWindows, an application that behaves much like its Microsoft counterpart.

Ajax13's concept is apparently creating a lot of buzz: a message Tuesday morning on its Web site read "We are currently experiencing massive amounts of user registrations and traffic. Please check back with us in an hour."

Storage for the OS is done through GMail, Music files are stored on MP3Tunes, and any information can be synced with the user's own desktop through an included application.

One problem is that it crashed the browser we were using ... so that shows you it's definitely not ready for prime time.   It's something cool to play around with, but once again, with ADSL or cable the upload speed is soooo much slower than the download speed - so is it really all that usable in the long run?